About NV5
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About NV5

Visionary is not a term typically associated with technical and engineering professionals . Yet for 65 years, NV5 has anticipated the changes that would impact our clients and has expanded our capabilities in order to deliver sustainable solutions for the built environment.

“Beyond Engineering” describes not only the services we provide, but also our business philosophy.  It explains how we treat our clients and our attention to their needs.  It describes how we establish relationships that go beyond the realm of the project at hand, our commitment to sustainability, our involvement in our communities and the variety of services we provide.

Who We Are

  • Provider of professional and technical consulting and certification services with a 60 year history
  • Serve infrastructure, construction, real estate and environmental markets
  • Ranked 124 out of top 500 design firms and 81 out of top 100 construction management firms by ENR (Engineering News Record)
  • Specialized Capabilities across 5 verticals:

NV5 offers value solutions for public and private infrastructure, real estate and the environment.  Clients include federal, state, municipal and local governments as well as private property owners and quasi-public agencies for the fields of education, healthcare and energy and utilities.

Projects consist of the planning, design, permitting, inspection and field supervision, and management oversight of transportation systems, water/wastewater systems, sports facilities, military base renovations, utilities expansion, renewable energy, and education and healthcare facilities.  Outsourcing, forensic engineering, litigation support, condition assessment and compliance certification are other services provided for projects of the same type.