Caltrans District 6 On-Call, Fresno, CA

NV5 has been a preferred provider with Caltrans District 6 for the past 15 years. Through four consecutive 3-year contract terms with the District, the firm has provided construction management and inspection services for multiple projects in the District’s five-county Central Region (Fresno, Kings, Kern, Madera, and Tulare) with a construction value of more than $3.2 billion. The NV5 Team has been assigned to such projects as:

  • Route 99, Tulare County – Project included bridge and ramp demolition, roadway realignment, roadway excavation, drainage, storm water pollution control, AC paving, soundwall construction, minor concrete and electrical work, and pavement delineation.
  • Route 99, Fowler, Fresno County – Construction included, Storm Water Pollution Control, earthwork, aggregate base, traffic control and safety, metal beam guard rail, rapid set concrete, asphalt concrete paving, drainages and piping, electrical conduits, pavement delineation, and PCC Barriers.
  • Route 99, Selma, Fresno County – Project added two PCC lanes to widen the existing highway including bridge widening, replacing random concrete panels, extensive profile grinding, temporary K rail, guard rail, shoulder widening, crack seal and overlay of mainline, drainage improvements, pavement delineation, and electrical improvements. This $21 million project required double shift work due to heavy traffic volumes.
  • Route 178, Bakersfield, Kern County – Project widened the highway and included roadway excavation, traffic control, new structural section, signals, and pavement delineation.
  • Route 14, Mohave, Kern County – The new, $50 million freeway bypass project included 13 box girder bridges, Portland cement concrete pavement, lean concrete base, asphalt treated permeable base, edge drains, complete lighting, and drainage facilities, as well as a new freeway interchange, drainage, AC paving, roadway excavation, and electrical system.
  • Route 41, Sunflower Valley, Kings County – A new structural section and AC overlay, traffic control, drainage, and pavement delineation.
  • Route 145, Fresno County – Project replaced Skaggs Bridge, which included construction of new bridge and roadway alignment and demolition of the existing structure and roadway. NV5 provided quality assurance inspection for import borrows and earthwork for new roadway, as well as coordinating with the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans Maintenance workforce.