Caltrans District 6 State Route 99 Improvements

Caltrans District 6 State Route 99 Improvements ($38 million): entailed the construction of 3 miles and six lanes of new highway alignment and PCCP structural section; installation of underground drainage; substantial earthwork and construction of a drainage basin; construction of temporary travel ways and frontage roads; extensive placement of traffic control at Fairmead; (2) crack seal and overlay of existing lanes; replacement of random PCC panel with rapid set 4-hour mix at Fowler; (3) the addition of two PCC lanes to widen the existing highway, including bridge widening, replacement of random concrete panels, extensive profile grading, temporary K rail, guard rail, shoulder widening, crack seal and overlay of mainline, drainage improvements, pavement delineation, and electrical improvements at Selma; and (4) an interchange with staging for mass grading, PCC pavement, structures, barriers, asphalt concrete paving, and drainage facilities at Mission Boulevard.