County of Sacramento Bradshaw Interceptor Section 6B, Sacramento Regional Sanitation District

NV5 provided Sacramento County construction management and inspection services for the construction of a sanitary sewer interceptor pipe along Bradshaw Road. The project included sewer interceptor installation – approximately 8,662 linear feet of 108-inch diameter, 493 feet of 90-inch diameter, 2,631 feet of 84-inch diameter – and construction of two concrete structures, 18 manholes, and three flow meters. Approximately 384 linear feet of the 108-inch pipe was installed by tunneling. Bradshaw Road improvements included 14,000 cubic yards of roadway excavation, grading, pavement planing and removal, as well as furnishing and placing aggregate base and type A asphalt concrete and rubberized asphalt concrete, and construction of a 108-inch corrugated metal pipe tunnel.

Our Construction Management Engineers’ scope of services included coordination between county materials testers, surveyors and contractors; maintaining information log of materials sampled and tested; preparation of daily reports, linking them to the construction schedule and photo log; verification of field work and materials and their compliance with the project specifications and federal, state and local codes; monitor of construction changes and update of as-builts; inspection of tunneling operations; traffic monitoring; addressing issues and concerns from the neighboring businesses and homeowners; and attending weekly staff and safety meetings.