Fresno County Transportation Authority State Route 180 West, Fresno, CA

Fresno County Transportation Authority’s State Route 180 West Segment 2 ($45 million): entailed the construction of a new 2.5-mile-long four-lane alignment and widening in within the Caltrans right-of-way in the City of Fresno – the last programmed project in the FCTA’s Measure “C” Program. Project components included three box girder bridges, four signalized intersections, new drainage facilities, a pump station, mass grading and earthwork, placement of PCCP and asphalt concrete, structural signs, concrete barriers, and guard rails. Project included the implementation of staged construction and traffic detours, which required close coordination with multiple agencies. Services included the review of pre-bid plans, specifications, and schedule; assisting FCTA with the bid process; design review; CPM schedule review and approval; SWPPP plan review and monitoring; environmental compliance; surveying and materials testing; and contract administration. Developed creative solutions to safety, noise and dust, and public inconvenience issues.