Fresno County Transportation Authority’s State Route 168 & 41 Landscape and Beautification

Fresno County Transportation Authority’s State Route 168 (Phases 1, 2, & 3) and State Route 41 Landscaping ($18 million): involved planting and irrigation enhancements within previously landscaped freeway corridors. NV5 provided construction management services for three landscaping projects. The landscaping projects followed the construction of a new freeway and included 12 major interchanges and several at-grade interchanges. The projects entailed the installation of booster pumps complete with electrical services; numerous controllers that were connected to the Caltrans Remote Irrigation Control System; a new irrigation system, which included backflow prevention devises; flow sensors, master valves, and remote control valves; pipes and sprinklers; planting; electrical services; architectural granite monuments; SWPPP, and traffic control measures. The landscaping projects were conducted under an encroachment permit with Caltrans. Existing plants and irrigation were maintained during construction. Planting materials included trees, shrubs, ground cover, soil amendments, fertilizer, tree stakes, and mulch. The irrigation system’s low flow, high flow, and for zero flow alarms were also monitored.