Fresno County Transportation Authority’s State Route 168 Segments 4, 5, and 6

Fresno County Transportation Authority’s State Route 168 Segments 4, 5, and 6 ($98 million): involved the construction of 15 miles of new freeway (constructed concurrently), 15 box girder bridges, a drainage system, retention basins, a pumping plant, and 4 miles of retaining walls. The State Route 168, Segment 6, project entailed the construction of 3 miles of new freeway, including at grade intersections with new signals, major drainage culverts, and detours. The project presented several construction management challenges during construction, including environmentally sensitive areas (presence of fairy shrimp), conflicting specifications with an adjoining contract, relocations of flood control levee and utilities, and right-of-way delays. NV5 provided full scope construction management services, including pre-bid plan and specification review and support during the bidding phase. NV5 coordinated with other construction projects; prepared monthly progress payments; scheduled reviews and approvals; monitored potential claim reviews; completed SWPPP review and approval; coordinated work with the Flood Control District; managed day-to-day inspection; provided recommendations for environmental mitigation; prepared daily reports; managed final project closeout; prepared project correspondence; prepared cost analysis; prepared and recommended contract change orders; reviewed CPM schedules and performed schedule updates; and tracked bid item quantities.