Architecture & Building Engineering: Security & Surveillance Design

Ensuring people go only where you want them to go!

The most effective security technologies integrate a diverse range of sensors, cameras, locks, and situational awareness tools into a single user interface. NV5 plans and designs some of the world’s largest and most efficient integrated physical security systems, providing peace of mind for customer, client, and employee safety. Our designs ensure physical assets, products, equipment, data, and facilities remain secure. Our integration planning provides intuitive, efficient user interfaces with minimal training needs for operators and staff. Physical security technologies are sophisticated and complex; with NV5 professional design and planning, they can be managed easily in highly effective and efficient solutions.


  • Video Surveillance & Analytics
  • Physical Access Controls
  • Intrusion Detection / Perimeter Detection Systems
  • Situational Awareness Technologies
  • Security Operations / Command Center Design
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design