Services: Transportation

From here to there, together.

NV5 engineers are passionate about improving and connecting lives through top-notch transportation projects, from well-known bridges and airports to unseen drainage culverts and undergrounded utilities. By building positive working relationships with clients and fully understanding their objectives, we bring to life functional, aesthetically pleasing transportation facilities with integrity.


  • Air, Land, and Sea Port Planning & Design
  • Active Transportation Facilities & Complete Streets
  • Bridge Design & Inspection Services
  • Community Relations & Public Outreach (housed under PMCM)
  • Highway Interchange Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Grant Funding Assistance
  • Landscape & Streetscape Design
  • Corridor Planning & Design
  • Pavement Evaluation and Design
  • Intermodal Facilities
  • Right-of-Way Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Utility Coordination


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